Friday, July 24, 2009

Hand of the enemy

Okay ,

So as i said months ago , versus self destructing like i always said i would. I packed and moved to Boston (shout out to the three stripes). Anyway, i got a greeting i normally expect to come from somewhere like n.c s.c Atlanta (lmfao) or somewhere in that region. Pulled over arrested and hit with trumped up felony charges. At my age, I was prepared for the legal rangling but not to the extent it has reached. I have been going back and forth to court for almost 5 months. In this time i have seen justice carried in a very repugnant way. Too many minority males having to stand tall for amounts of time their angelo-saxon counterparts don't face. Then the Dr. Gates issue arose. Now what i will say is the area he lives in is close to Harvard and to most chagrin, there are projects and black in that area ( i've seen them North Cainbridge). Well with the facist attitude that each borough or city contained within Boston carries, it comes to no surprise.So it is kind of iconic that the anniversary of Do The Right Thing would coencide.This is a film that took a look at race and class in the northern society. Honestly i think we entered a treaty in the mid 90's and a facade of peace and it is now starting to splinter.Look at Paris Texas, The Jenna 6, The list goes on and on.From Tookie Williams , to the cold , vicious and callous murders out in Oakland carried out by the transit cops. I'm just waiting for this era Yusef Hawkins. But for once at least we had sembalance of a minority in power speak out.

The problem now is you can't say go back to your neighborhood, because those have been gentrified. So where to......

I guess we go the fuck back to Africa. But if we do then you go back to your caves in Europe

Discuss the rest is my piece on gentrification


What is love really good for? Really.It comes and goes . You search for years for it never really finding it. Only traces and remnants of it. You imbody everything that this person stands for during the time you and them have your tryst. Then like a new morning they rise and disappear as the hawking of a new dusk sets in. So you move onto the next and sadly they may display all that your sould desires. But it could be too little too late or just you're now immune to it. Anyway, not that i feel death behind love., but , not above selling my soul to have the one i truly desire be that object. Funny as you look back , you're still not sure as to why they quench all your perceptions that are your happiness.

Damn it's still a masquerade

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I need a vacation From my unplanned vacation

This is the second of my double header. I caught an issue that has put me on a temp vacation from my job . Which brings me to my question.....What happens when you're forced into a room with your dreams and bills with no outlets.What happens when you are ready to make that move but have put on hold.

People hold on to your dreams and goals , this is a small recession. Dream big jump out the box.
I'm fighting to.

Fade the black


Goodmorning America

Woow.Life can move at a pace that we always expect to keep up with us.
Sometimes we ,no all the time we hope that it slows down for us to keep at our desired speed.
But reality, no can keep up with at 230 rpm. This has been a year that i wish i could erase.
But if i do then i lose those who have reached onto a phase that we all want to dodge.
We have all lost people that we wished lived for eons. Those who everytime someone mentions
them, we hope that they pick up a phone or walk around a corner. It causes a bittersweet existence in our hearts when we hear their name or a recording of their voice or just a memory.
But do we cease to exist to them .Or do they continue on in another form to guide, comfort or your conscience.Do they come back as someone new in your life that feels so familiar to you.
Or are they just gone.......How about those relationships you never wanted to end???? Do they come back.


Fade to Black