Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Question as we go into this next phase of the new era . why as a hip hop nation when we're finally having the chance to choose what our grandparent, parents & in some cases great grand parents have long to see are our people ignoring it . we can finally have our first jesse jackson or vanilla version of shirley chisolm but we're iggin it. our youth have destroyed the culture we worked to create as a way to take them away from what they have now brought along with them . yes we have to get money , but we have to make sure the seeds are watered right so we don't become something in the archive books. look at it block after block that nurtured hip hop is being removed and replaced with suburbs in urban landscapes . How come we 're more in an uproar over the new ye or the latest way to hustle but not how to preserve us . Cube said it along time ago : us who always signin the blues only care about hairstyles and tennis shoes.

Dammn us ..........

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let's get down to business

okay so you know a little bit about me.

but like i said this is a hip hop think tank i want to knwo view on societal ill's how we can fix it .

plans on how to generate income because i'm sure if you're up here you're a businessman or woman and not trying to work for someone else .

treat this like your barbershop or beauty salon (no rap before 10am)

but we here to vibe

check it i have a new line i'm trying to drop but need a name .
so feel free to hit me up . the vibe of the line is for those 70's baby who was really out and about in the 80's and 90's .

well, c box coming soon so as i said let get it poppin in here

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Burner

for all you youngins that's 80's termanology.
what this is rhymecipha bringing you to my the newest spot for the creative hip hop citizen.
also this is the launch of my think pad to inspire all of us enteurpro whatever you call yourselves.
we will chat trade info to help each other make it where we're going in this we call hustlin 101 aka life.
but at a cost were you're not being paid but making the income out of your mind .

as my man sirus said can you dig it can youuuuu diiiiiig it.