Tuesday, January 3, 2012


To those who read these post.
Please remember that these are my views and not a manifesto on life.
I am a male that has traveled through life meeting very unique individuals who have shown me an eyeopening
perspective on life.
In no way am I a racist.
I grew up in  a very mixed family. However, As a minority male some of my views will be from a black and latino perspective.Does that mean i do not accept others views(No). Does it mean i'm always right(Hell no).
But, it does mean I am human.
So this year we will deal with being better and strive to achieve our dreams and living a better mental and physical life.
This year I will be looking into different business ventures.Some you will applaud ,some you will cringe over. But it is life.
As i venture into my new way of life of living raw .. we will explore together 

sorry for the delay

Hello friends,

Sorry for the delay in posting.
Life sometimes speed past and makes you forget some of the awesome things you're involved in.
At this time still working on the career goals.
Single for a year. In that time,I have had the opportunity to reflect and dismantle me and reconstruct.
Lost a few people who i understood to be important to me.But, never realized their impact and impression 
on my life and heart.So this year ,we will continue to be..
Be smart,Be vicarious,Be inspirational,Be unified,Be instructive,Be able to accept all embraces,Be willing and open.
But for everything just Be.
When you're willing to look forward to positive change then, the world is a true adventure that will continue to move.

Monday, May 9, 2011

black is the force

okay check this out , why is that as our days move on why is that when a minority achieves or excels past his counterpart is he question downgraded and assimilated? Our president put in his time at Harvard (ironically with his friend and co- founder of  the source with dave mays and schecter) James Benard who have both went on to propel us as the young generation is he interrogated  by those he is to protect and guide ...Where was al this outrage for both bushes  quayle idiotic run and alot of  these so called elected officials who parents bought them their sheepskins.Some who have went on to destroy the very fabric of society. We're grown people we do not need to see pictures or proof . You wouldn't ask that from your past presidents .Also if you died in gruesome way would you want your family privacy to be trmapled like that. Don't respect the hypocracy of the villian remember that there are people who did not aks to be thrusted into this life.

molasses slow

So life is moving a slow almost to mellow pace actually it moves in night life blur. See now the nightlife is where i'm back to . ?Kind of like a ethinic version of those dudes on entourage. But every tuesday friday saturday as me and my new nocturnal family guzzle our libations i always say this life foreva but really how long can you live this life. Man is an ever evolving animal that likes to change but for me music is always a consistent. So by the beat I move and live.My body feels 24 my heart 18 my life lifetimes ahead of what's going on. Damn I know i'm supposed to be ahead of this but i'm here finally trying to move past why i'm here and using it to my advantage. So.......Boston.. Until I make it to NY or beyond you will see my steady march towards what can only be described as a Roy ayers nocturnal anthem...Stepping into tomorrow Both Feet on the ground.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

aye yo sista

this is an open letter to all those ladies that i watch from afar versus saying what it is i truly felt. Whether it was a lustful thought, A brotherly joyful moment, or if it was observation of the lack of pride you had in yourself courtesy of someone that looks like me and those who program us. I apologize. For hiding and trying to encourage you to make it through another day at that 9 to 5 you despise. I humbly accept the venom that you had on those warm wistful nights you sat on a couch with a book some mango and blood orange sorbet and a book and incense alone without a nimble mind to challenge the frustration you had with the world and engage you in an intense session of sharpen darts of enlighten diatrbibe before a couple of soul quenching verbal and intellectual mind sex.

In other words i'm sorry for relapsing in the willie lynch behavior and becoming less than a man in those moments when you needed that shoulder to that the swing from the huge semi crushing of the vortex of something loss. As that man of mixed ancestry i apologize and promise to do more to stand up.


slow motion kind of blue

so here we are into my 33rd year and i'm still struggling to make it. the hustler ambition hasn't flown the coop.But maybe the best way for me to achieve is to put my muscle behind someone coming behind me.Damn slow motion.Life is starting to feel like a south london day with a neo soul soundtrack orchestrated by sade.