Friday, October 17, 2008

The Jazz life gives

In life have you ever moved on and felt the soundtrack for a different city.
Imean have you ever sat in detroit but heard songs that remind you of the open area of Seattle like Fraiser.Or been in Santa Monica but felt the steppers tunes for Chi town.
Me i keep feeling the soul of
Philly but the jazziness of Brooklyn so to those livin in the Mecca i think i shall join you in the next 3 years since you took my nets. anyway if you feel the soundtrack to a city , don't stop hearing it go buy it and start a new walk


Star of the story/ my dedication

Love in the city in the fall is a mystical thing. It allow the cool breeze to change anything that was hot and unnutured to come to a slow cool and start to form a solid bridge to the next phase. Reason is because you start to spend more time inside which allows you to get to know that person. It also allows you to reflect on your plan for the next plateau you want to cross and dream in panascopic visions.Life allows us a complicated lesson that we reach for and learn to accept.So as we near things that have been joked about , dreamed I believe there is somone we all need to thank because at one point i'm sure there is someone who pushed you quietly and you never raised a cheer to them. For me they're as follows:

My aunt kim just for guiding me as young guy pass the pitfalls of ghetto life and the harsh realities i never wanted to accept.

My moms Big V just there is so much to thank you for .

My aunt dar For just giving me the hope to laugh when i don't know left from right (breaking your table in spoons i think was rude. i owe you for the drapes)
My aunt Bob just because you showed me how to fight in life.
To all my girl cousins i so thank you for nuturing me and loving me {neta, Kesa, birdie, knute, bria (like a little sister still cook for you)} chantese, lia , toya, talita,erica , dusty
To my aunt Leste thank for the ritual of a good friday night and the warmth of a sunday evening like a stolen book that warms the soul.
To my male cousins Zaire, Al , Milt , Dane , Matt, Stan, Mark , Marques, Ty ty, twinz, jr, bart, frank ,eugene, mike all the of ya'll to many to name mos def cuz snuff ,Oscar, Tree {still see you}
Dujuan, Lil reg{miss ya} Tavares {"wow know u here} La don my cousin Larry Davis finally you can rest...... Ryan i got you

To my other fam Drew {20 years} Justin {thanks for being my sensible voice i know i can be a bastard} El , Angie {thanx sis} ET, Mac, Christyle {still love u} My big brother butch { i need u now} Tauheed ,tt , Larry, Metrius, sin,

my uncles too many to name but.....
Uncle sonny thank you just thank you
uncle dave my marvin gaye (sweet as jay z say)
uncle charles my original crates
uncle bug thanks for being my bubbles that i always wanted save which kept me a hustler
uncle earl thank you for the time
uncle john the morning sounds and smells give me a part of my heart thank you and the city of camden
Uncle Ricky Baby boy the streets you taught knowledge i learn still ya baby boy 1
Uncle skip thanks for that taste of cliff huxtible life and pat metheny
Uncle scott the cool out times
Uncle nate just for being that oldhead near me
Uncle Reg thankx
uncle perk look at ya boy
To those who just were them and shaped me :
Reg, Mr. Key, Pop{someday we got to come together like men} my cousins little sonny & lil tony were u when i needed you last winter (stevie wonder look it up)

To the cities that hold my fam:
Va beach my hideaway
San Diego {home of my birth}
Monroe more than cotton fields and slave water
Maryland period
Germany (anthony my little cousin)

To those i forgot not purposeful know my love for all is true even thoug sometimes it makes me cry for you

Finally to Boston a world that is holding the final puzzle to my secure sound mind and endless autum summers

From Cipha , enjoy your summers , cherish and surround yourself in your falls

Saturday, June 28, 2008

allow me to reintroduce my self

First off 1 love to all.
I've received a few responses in regards to my expelling my views.
I've been called a racist enabling the continuance of ignorance from a minority point of view.
Let me clarify my views and position.Number one , i'm not a racist nor am Imy one to encourage one to have a close mind. I'm a 30 year old Dominican & black male who was born on the west coast but primarily raised in Camden NJ & the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I was fortunate to have been born in the late 70's & raised during the Reagan & first Bush era. That area afforded me & my peers to view Heaven & Hell, we saw the extravagance of everyone earning decent incomes through affirmative action, crack ,the loss of after school programs, the destruction of family values. With that we also were allowed to grow up with different ethnicities.So with that being said , I will never have hatred for another race due just to color.
But due to being raised in the best of the best of both worlds.I lived in the suburbs in Va, the subterranian conditions in New Jersey, I've witnessed family as well as friends pass way before they were able to grow into men. Therefore, by me being one of the few who made it we (those who succeded) are now semi lossed without a blueprint to guide us to be able to navigate life as a grown man. This includes relationships, love, abandonment by fathers & older male peers, employment , fatherhood, everything that we need to be productive people. Also being a spokesman for the streets, for those who have not had a chance to elevate pass the stagnated life they were handed. With that being said , I encourage all to continue give advise , express your views,but understand this was started as something to be a sounding board for those who are you businessmen & women. A chance to discuss ways to come up. So please respect that I can try to write from a caucasian view, but i'm truly what I am big v & Kim Thomas prodigal son.
Please express your views & if they're good I invite you to post a tag here.


Shan aka Cipha aka Da Gooch

Saturday, May 17, 2008

it was all a dream

I'm going to talk about a difficultfor blacks & hispanics that only comes up in whispers.
Incest & rape is something your grandma or other family members discuss only when they're forced to . You know , like why you're cousin looks nothing like anyone else in the family, or what aunt so & so has real wild ways. Or how come my daddy can't come around ( or male or female cousin, unckle , aunt ,family friend) It's something that tears the family apart and everyone blames someone. It's always someone you can't beleive did it & nfortunately in our culture , we fail to get the help that mentally we need . We always hear from the older side of our family to let it be and let god fix it. But what bout all the pain that needs to come out.So then that pain would be left for whomeveryou choose to share your life with.Honestly ,anybody who feels like they have to attacka child in their family is sick. You're a lower than the average rapist.Why touch someone who has your ancestry running through , your eyes , your swagger, everything. No excuse. Now lets talk about rape. While i don't condone prostitution, this is someone who is willing to indulge in your sexual appetitie to an extent. With that being said ,why do you have to take something from someone that is so precious and can not be given back.
It's not like beating someone down. Wounds can heal. But do you know how long self -esteem ,pride & trust takes to be rebuilt. You deserve to die.

Now for the victim.
You are not at fault.
But if you continue to hold on to the pain and rejection, you will continue to be a victim.
Be that last man standing , get the help needed and let somene who truly loves you elevate youo back and beyond where you are. But most important , do you and take you back.
Always remember, somewhere there is someone who loves you and will unconditionally give their all to protect and love you from inside and out.

8Th & Line Camden to Diego back to Va.

Cipha Loves you

To those in mylife , when i was smaller i couldn't protect none.
But i promise i will protect all that i can.





My People , My People ,.......MY PEOPLE

Man , Van Damn . Days like this always make me think that we'll never go forward .

Check it, between the prson I truly love , my Family & my dreams it seems like nothing wants to drop into place. But that's my issues . Acouple of weeks ago , I was standing around with some
cats that have taken some roads i've taken & some that traveled further down it than i did.
But i was pointing out to them that we're about to have a resurrgence of the golden era of nightmares soon Yeah, i'm talking about from 1986 to 1994. If you're as old as me you remember. Teens running wild with guns , people scred to come out of there house, uber crooked police, misery, destruction, dispair. Let me explain....Reganomics ushered in recession , a reduction in funds for programs ,less interaction with the working class. We were even in bed with Iran, Niccarauga, & a few other shady compadres. The direct results were high unemployment, extreme disharmony between the have's & the have nots. And for some mysterious reasons, a easily acessible form of drugs came on the scene. C.R.A.C.K....
Yeah if you were a teen , in JR. high, or even Elementary, you remeber the season of the living Baseheads.The more jobs ,opportunity left no hope for many (including a lot of my family) to join the legions of baseheads who shwed no shame in robbing family , killing , selling soul and body of theirselves & in some cases their extended family.t crossed all color lines. Well i bring it up because gas is at an all time high, unemployment is on the rise, income are not going up with the rising cost. And no one truly no one knows where to turn. Yeah you say church and god, but most need actual physical assistance and have no theorectical belief. Anyway where are we going . No, I don't feel like these are the last dys , yet...... They're coming. So the question is what until then.
Do we fix it this time instead of stumbling like we did those 8 years?

Damn .......US

Sunday, April 27, 2008

1990 cipha jumps on the scene

damn how is it that i awake with my wrist felling like they twisted in a vise grip. see i was born with the holy intellect to move the crowd way past the typical snails pace. fuck dashes my complex lines run cross country marathons. i'm a triathalon so 80's i still say word as bond.
born out west strictly raised in the east i'm a be an mc till my soul has ceased. lord please grab the rest and remind they to used to test the capasities of a battle or cipha , for me thats why my rhymes are a little high caliber. i act out for justice now i understand why i got the same blood as larry davis . from the garden state which makes me like bishop with 2 toes on the ledge. please god forgive damn thinking of a verse is truly demented i guess it's just a testament that takes out the best of men.

sorry a little rusty
just felt it yo let's talk for a minute . remember when tuesday meant something.
or the month of the man (meth & red i know you remember that) any way i want to say to all of us who have made it to 30 i.e made it through high back in the wild 80's and early 90's when it really was serious, from living in your moms basement to college to living on your own ( if you still at moms something wrong with you ). be proud blast de la's buddy or i left my wallet in . or egine egine number 9 or some opp. damn like nike just do it.

caught sleeping

okay okay okay
i got caught out there. i know i haven't been purging my thoughts . so here goes . first let me say i've been working on my new coture line, which should be ready by august for a street launch. second i'm looking for some other opportunities to attach myself to. in other words "cipha" elevating.but i want to talk about getting old and still being able to enjoy the music you grew up on. Lately i've been listening to alot of easy listening , but on thursday i decided to pull out my redman collection. As i was bobbing my head to every track from whut??? thee album. I realized this shit was grown man music being made by teen agers .But for some reason i felt self conscious. Here i was a 30 year old blasting his musicthat even some of the verses i had to rethink. now i'm saying i stopped playing it or turned it down or put on some will downing ( i did later that evening) but it was at that point i realized that everyone 30 & over grew up with a different set of values when it comes to our music . we feel we should let it go like that friend that just doesn't grow up but that's just it we shouldn't have to be ashamed of it because this is us . no we may not feel like we need the same volumes. but we should never forget we were a part of building the foundation of this building

thanks cube , jay, keith , red , meth scar, twist snoop & all the other 30 & over rappers thats still putting it down in a grown way.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Rmember When

Remember when all you wanted was the Jordans , a three finger ring & a new goose or starter.
Your parents told you about the cost & back then i ring like that was maybe 200 & the shoes were pricy . So either you worked & saved for them or you got ucky. Remember when jackin for them became popular.Now we got a generation of parents &young men who are training our youths to be the same ones we hated to see when we got fresh to def.I read an article about a mother in Atlanta where a mother ran a ring of burgulars including our sons. What makes this sad is that as section 8 & hud & us working to move to a better part of lives. We bring the same pettiness from the hood with us. That doesn't make you thorough , just means we're giving the others some more entertainment. As i said before we're going to be museum or zoo exhibits real soon. They warned us in the 90's & now we're doing it to ourselves. I pose this question , has intergration excelleratated our destruction. Because now that latinos & blacks are no longer the minorities , we still give into the same genocide they produced on us for years.Also i watched the footage of the black female reporter that was attacked . What pissed me off was the 2 brothers who watched and took footage. When did our women become you tube footage to be lusted & laughed at when they're being attacked by racist. This was a time that in 88 we would have gladly gone to jail. We have more blackmen giving our biggest asset other than themselves to the others. We now have more black women with white men because we finally lost ourselves.I'm only 30 but i feel like a dinosaur. Like Omar going against the stanfield clan.

Guess listening to rap can kill your brain.

Shouldn't left you

Its' been a long time ... I know but today i'm going to hit you with a double post.
Today i'm going to talk about a couple of things .
first i've been busy trying to create my new clothing line called fraction (trademarked).
But secondly as I get older I see that the the views of relationships have warped.
Used to be a time were all we wanted is someone we could grow a future with &dream of
happiness.Now, Our people have been warped with these views of settling & someone to quote go hardbody with. But ,Question if they're in jail & not allowed to grow, jhow they run hard with you when you now have to support them.And ladies , why are you now as you get older searching for someonesearching for someone who is the equal to your son or little brother & your excuses are that you're trying to stay young & be happy. Keep yourself healthy & focus on the future & you will stay young you do not need someone who has not been allowed to explored the options of adult life to keep you young . The bible (since you guys like to shield yourself with it ) says when i was a child i spoke as a child now that i'm a man i have put away my toys. what i'm saying is play with your kids . Not try to play around with your kid brothers friends. (that goes for my brothers too) Let these children grow . Be a mentor & guide them not reide them.
And ladies please stop saying there are no good men when you have the ability to destroy the goodness in one. If you have one that is not stereotypical , don't poison him with what ytou've seen . Move forward and grow under a new light. Because someone had to make that no good man into one. Think about it
Next post is for the ladies & parents ( I got you)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Question as we go into this next phase of the new era . why as a hip hop nation when we're finally having the chance to choose what our grandparent, parents & in some cases great grand parents have long to see are our people ignoring it . we can finally have our first jesse jackson or vanilla version of shirley chisolm but we're iggin it. our youth have destroyed the culture we worked to create as a way to take them away from what they have now brought along with them . yes we have to get money , but we have to make sure the seeds are watered right so we don't become something in the archive books. look at it block after block that nurtured hip hop is being removed and replaced with suburbs in urban landscapes . How come we 're more in an uproar over the new ye or the latest way to hustle but not how to preserve us . Cube said it along time ago : us who always signin the blues only care about hairstyles and tennis shoes.

Dammn us ..........

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let's get down to business

okay so you know a little bit about me.

but like i said this is a hip hop think tank i want to knwo view on societal ill's how we can fix it .

plans on how to generate income because i'm sure if you're up here you're a businessman or woman and not trying to work for someone else .

treat this like your barbershop or beauty salon (no rap before 10am)

but we here to vibe

check it i have a new line i'm trying to drop but need a name .
so feel free to hit me up . the vibe of the line is for those 70's baby who was really out and about in the 80's and 90's .

well, c box coming soon so as i said let get it poppin in here

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Burner

for all you youngins that's 80's termanology.
what this is rhymecipha bringing you to my the newest spot for the creative hip hop citizen.
also this is the launch of my think pad to inspire all of us enteurpro whatever you call yourselves.
we will chat trade info to help each other make it where we're going in this we call hustlin 101 aka life.
but at a cost were you're not being paid but making the income out of your mind .

as my man sirus said can you dig it can youuuuu diiiiiig it.