Monday, December 14, 2009


good morning good night

been a while life is hectic so i try to make sure i keep talking to ya. anyway trying to get to a crawl with all that i'm doing so that when the new day dawns, i can jog then run , then fly. I'm starting to see 730enterprise starting to come together. But my question is what are you doing? What is the clips that you're ready to drop on the world. Have you been patient long enough? Are you ready to change what has been given to you and pursue with so much ambition that it would seem that all who have held you down peel away like old skin? Then you're like me. Also what about that love that has drawn you again, but still feels like they need to hold back again. You have to give, but when is your time for blessing to be received.

Just my thoughts

Saturday, October 24, 2009

the go

what good my peoples.

Anyway had to pause and handle a few stiuations. but back to my thoughts. you know you're life and mind can be just like the city of wind tough but have a tender core. the co can either slap you to wake up or make you pause and think how you wish you could freeze this momentum to push you into the spotlight. What i'm saying is america stays on the world stage and after everyone having a tear in their eye. It went straight back to divide and conquer. We've had an upswing in violence and chaos. But why? If we sat through 8yrs. of bush which is the sequel to reganomics.You smiled through a president bleeding your savings dry to benefit his already wealthy friends and cohorts. You lapped up every beaurotic piece of venom he spewed and allowed to take your seeds for mass destruction in the most blatant show of a voluntary draft i have ever seen or read about in recent history. Sadly i do not see the spirit of abbie hoffman reincarnated. Were are the Bobby Seale's, H.Rap Brown's, Huey Newton's. Hell were are the weathermen. Thisi something that generation would have sinked their teeth into. I see an extention of what Nixon started and now for the first time in history on a public stage , what has been done for years is now being done again. A minority having to clean up after others. Now to his credit he is a credit to whites and blacks . One race can not claim the president all for self due to the fact he is biracial. So why the continuous attacks. Bush toyed with america with his childhood friend for the benefit of his puppet master the vice president. It's going on a decade and we still have not found wmd or the supposed mastermind of the whole devised plan. Now we have homegrown terroism sprouting. But this has been here for years. African american and latino kids have suffered terrorism for decades and still do. You just have put the idea into suburban youth to do this towards the establishment and all surrounding . america please wake up. Do not put your full trust in your elected officials. Get involved.
Watch your own

Saturday, October 17, 2009

talking book

this life. man this life has you questioning so why the more you try to achieve increases the chance of negativity. i cherish the touch of death than dying. the reason is because death is easy all pain cease , you don't struggle .But with life, you have the obstacle of keep oneself healthy while continuing to move forward through emotional and physical pain. With that being said for the past 6 mos. to a year , i have endured most that would make others stop and still fighting. I'm praying that on oct. 21 that one portion of this journey is complete and i can move on to accomplish higher heights. To those out there i say live life challenging all.Don't ever become routine and trite. Beacuse when you do , you'll develop bitterness anger and pain. Reach for the door today thart will lead to success, excitement and happiness. Do not settle. If marriage is going to stifle your creative aspect then hold off. Show your partner the world that lives in your minds eye awaken their third eye.The warmth that exudes on the coldest day is the insight into ones soul. Remember that cherish that . Life is too short to get caught up in being average.Push until you have pushed yourself to the other side of the sun. Obama and other exaples have been created to give you the drive to dream. Yes, people say conspiratory things in respect to all that you want butremember most who do have had their dream either doused or either have peverted and twisted their dream to a nightmarish reality.
I'm Shan aka cipha78 saying sempre

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


have you ever had a time in your life where you just stop mid stride or stroke or conversation or anything and thought what am i doing all this for. I don't mean one of those brief moments i mean a long hard pause. Like you're sitting in the office and think why am i here. or been making love fucking whatever you want to call and look down at the person and realized i don't even like this person anymore or never have(depending on who the person is) . Or paid a bill but seen someone shopping and thought why do i need this utility. Or my favorite broke your neck for someone and remembered how they treated you in the past and said are you serious. Then you had a s.f.w moment. This is a moment where you have uttered some profound words. So Fucking What. This is when you said to hell with this look at all i've through. or fuck it it was free.
My friend welcome to the rat race of adult life . The part of you that still wants to be a 20 yr old so has the authority in you to choose your destiny. to guide your hand. The part that wants to kick the boss in the balls and tell him what is really going on. Or the part that wants to scream at your ex about what you have felt since they did whatever to stop the hapiness you had with them so fo today go ahead yell it . turn on your favorite song from your teens and say SO FUCKING WHAT

Sunday, September 27, 2009

new day

what up people . just touching base. still fighting this new state i'm in . just launched a new online radio station . go to and request 730radio vote it support it .


Thursday, September 10, 2009

n w o

woke in the morning and thought about the term hustler. Can anyone be a hustler , no but there are so many levels. There is your everyday local block hustler. Whether pitchin the rock, playing chess in the park, selling bootlegs, boosting whatever.... This type of shark preys on others to give to many in many ways like a distorted robin hood. There's gold diggers, yes they're parias but thay have to go through a regimine like an actor or actress to get what they want or need to get what they got. Then there's the buddy hustler. This is te one who affiliates with others who have the knowledge to earn and strive off someone else's work. Not to important they maybe weed carriers , the messenger cat or chick, the yes man or woman. Then the gorilla hustler. This is the one who awaits you to do all the work then just straight take it from you.

The reason i bring this up is because as Jay-z and those who are like him carry on to push the hip hop culture and community into the mainstream world of the private sector and also the government world in some instances, we should appreciated for the courses and roads we have previously traveled to bring more who look and act like us into a world that in many instances would not acept. But instead are disrespected and in some cases neglected.It is always go to pay homage and remember that without those who sacrificed family relationships, friendsdhips, health and many other variotudes, you would not have the opportuniy to display your ignorance to what it means to be a man or woman. Stand with a pride that must be instilled due to what some had to do so you could be shown that you can excel at all your hearts desire. No justice is still not hear and you are now getting a chance to notice that racism is still alive. Put down your ideology of coonery as a norm. And ebonics as a second language. Please look and notice that the multitude of ignorancy that other cultures past on to you has now been regurgitated to them in the form of the lalst 2 to 3 generation picking up only on the coonery and self hate that willie lynch has injected into you ... the creators of Please ayou go forth into this new year of accademics, learn with a fevor that you would for every new trend that comes out. Please do follow trends that emasculate or devalue you as an individual. Bring pride to whatever place you come from, crown heights, nice town , ice town , zone 4 , compton, nickerson downs, opa locka, huntersville, roxbury, franklin field, lil bricks,jc, where ever the fuck you from. STand tall and learn. This is coming from one who is old enough to be your big brother and in some cases your dad, and in others your peer or lil bro.

So from babe bro sempre and keep moving on that quest for knowledge

Sunday, September 6, 2009

pressure sensitive

So i'm watching the news yesterday and i'm watching a story on how much of an uproar of some of the ways that the president is trying to do to put things on the right track. I've seen all these people complaining and one dynamic is always the same, They're white. It's always the same speech government is trying to take away my freedoms, government is overstepping their boundaries. Funny for the last 3 presidencies we had incompetent leaders who lead us into wars, debt and almost another depression. Under the last ones watch the government allowed banks to fail, fraud and all other out in the open corruption. Let's look at some of these points. They don't want the governent interferring in health insurance. Funny that what medicaid is . Is it that they like paying high medical premiums, not being able to be seen. How about if they lose their jobs they have to pay out of pocket. Or how about the fact that there is an incredible shrinking middle class who are now having to search for ways to keep their fsamilies healthy.
For the past 8 months i've watched people who were used to depositing there paycheck turn to robbing the same instituions they once called their own. So what we're now seeing is the true feelings of those who have said for years they're not racist show their true emotions. So called liberals and others who at one point was rallying for the issues of the poor are now saying lines such as what right do they have. hmm maybe if you were on government support or struggling to live your attitude would change. now how about the issue of the president speaking to the youth of america. Their parents are outrage. GTFOH , that's a joke right. Your last president was siting in a class reading at the time of 9/11 and did not move. When Katrina happened , he flew over the N.O and praised the director of fema. This is what we just left .....Are you guys serious. You go 2 steps forward and your mouths shove us 15 steps back. Civil rights are still being fought for everyday and our president being thwarted at every turn by his own people is proof. Now we even have a reverend praying for his downfall. Where were you doing Reganomic, How about Bush's points of light. I didn't see anyone praying then. Alot of this sounds like complaints about nothing to do with the policies, but race, class, and other things that they swear have long been worked out. If this man farts wrong you have people who would complain. I don't agree on all his views but, try and attack him and you have a whole army to contend with.

Stop whining and have a brew with the prez. and work it out.
And most of the complaints are in the New England, Midwest farmland areas.

So for you guys , this Michelob for you

wind parade


So as we sit an brace for the crisp wind to blow, i've been thinking about some things.
Have you notice a summer in the city people decide to be less human and destroy other living beings just to take the whole winter and blame it on the summer heat. So let's take a moment to reflectg. So you're telling me that as a sane rational person,you wait until the mercury rises to an unbearable level to express the feelings and emotions that you could have express at anytime in a fit of rage only to stand in a court room later and cry. Please i have 2 thoughts on this. 1 , okay in some cases mitigating circustances could have instigated the conflict (i.e alcohol , dugs, violence done towards you, infidelity) but even those i have some restrictions more later. 2. pride and ignorance. let's delve into both of those. Pride (also ego mixed) can send people into a condition i call a nigga moment ( nigga is all races feel free to understand this) where a person who under normal conditions would have walked away. But in a nigga moment all it takes is the wrong mixture, maybe a female amping up a guy, maybe other males or female saying my favorite line "if that was me". Or it could be a lifetime of humiliation or continuous conflicts with the other party or parties (gangs, bullying family members, cops (also a gang). Now the ignorance factor . Maybe someone has been ill equipped at home. With an ever increasing populastion of children raising children and parents thereselves reverting back to being immature, we have alot of children who are in society who do not understand how to conduct themselves in public. Whether it be assaulting another individual, lose morals ( having sex with anyone who's available, drinking) going into interviews looking like they're going out to hang.
Whatever the issue they're left defenseless to handle a world who is judging them 24/7 instead of guiding them.
We hope every year that we take a stand and get back to the old ways. Well, what's wrong with today.

Friday, September 4, 2009

1 time for your mind

what up people

so this is the beginning of a new fall. so we had a dynamic summer . We lost M J. That was my childhood. I still remember the smurfs and the snorks. Does anybody remember ice cream jones cereal and mr. t cereal. Roller skating on a saturday. MJ or Frankie Beverly or Tears for Fears on the radio.I still have my Mj glove somewhere. IK still want to hold onto those days. It's like you look up and it's a wrap. Well hopefully our pain won't continue . And when i say pain , i'm not talking about just the mj thing . i'm talking about life.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Hand of the enemy

Okay ,

So as i said months ago , versus self destructing like i always said i would. I packed and moved to Boston (shout out to the three stripes). Anyway, i got a greeting i normally expect to come from somewhere like n.c s.c Atlanta (lmfao) or somewhere in that region. Pulled over arrested and hit with trumped up felony charges. At my age, I was prepared for the legal rangling but not to the extent it has reached. I have been going back and forth to court for almost 5 months. In this time i have seen justice carried in a very repugnant way. Too many minority males having to stand tall for amounts of time their angelo-saxon counterparts don't face. Then the Dr. Gates issue arose. Now what i will say is the area he lives in is close to Harvard and to most chagrin, there are projects and black in that area ( i've seen them North Cainbridge). Well with the facist attitude that each borough or city contained within Boston carries, it comes to no surprise.So it is kind of iconic that the anniversary of Do The Right Thing would coencide.This is a film that took a look at race and class in the northern society. Honestly i think we entered a treaty in the mid 90's and a facade of peace and it is now starting to splinter.Look at Paris Texas, The Jenna 6, The list goes on and on.From Tookie Williams , to the cold , vicious and callous murders out in Oakland carried out by the transit cops. I'm just waiting for this era Yusef Hawkins. But for once at least we had sembalance of a minority in power speak out.

The problem now is you can't say go back to your neighborhood, because those have been gentrified. So where to......

I guess we go the fuck back to Africa. But if we do then you go back to your caves in Europe

Discuss the rest is my piece on gentrification


What is love really good for? Really.It comes and goes . You search for years for it never really finding it. Only traces and remnants of it. You imbody everything that this person stands for during the time you and them have your tryst. Then like a new morning they rise and disappear as the hawking of a new dusk sets in. So you move onto the next and sadly they may display all that your sould desires. But it could be too little too late or just you're now immune to it. Anyway, not that i feel death behind love., but , not above selling my soul to have the one i truly desire be that object. Funny as you look back , you're still not sure as to why they quench all your perceptions that are your happiness.

Damn it's still a masquerade

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I need a vacation From my unplanned vacation

This is the second of my double header. I caught an issue that has put me on a temp vacation from my job . Which brings me to my question.....What happens when you're forced into a room with your dreams and bills with no outlets.What happens when you are ready to make that move but have put on hold.

People hold on to your dreams and goals , this is a small recession. Dream big jump out the box.
I'm fighting to.

Fade the black


Goodmorning America

Woow.Life can move at a pace that we always expect to keep up with us.
Sometimes we ,no all the time we hope that it slows down for us to keep at our desired speed.
But reality, no can keep up with at 230 rpm. This has been a year that i wish i could erase.
But if i do then i lose those who have reached onto a phase that we all want to dodge.
We have all lost people that we wished lived for eons. Those who everytime someone mentions
them, we hope that they pick up a phone or walk around a corner. It causes a bittersweet existence in our hearts when we hear their name or a recording of their voice or just a memory.
But do we cease to exist to them .Or do they continue on in another form to guide, comfort or your conscience.Do they come back as someone new in your life that feels so familiar to you.
Or are they just gone.......How about those relationships you never wanted to end???? Do they come back.


Fade to Black


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Project Windows

I got a question:

Now that those youth looking out of the project windows have a beacon that can allow them to actually believe the dream that was diminished in their fathers and older brothers eye.What do we ,the blacks, latinos, asians, go from here? We no longer have the opportunity to use the excuse about the system. To me this is a battle cry and the flag to go and challenge the system and the status quo.I feel that at this point since we now have the newly appointed disenfranchised have to be shown the way to what we the working class, middle class, working poor have known for years............The power has never been equally shared. So now where do we go? Do we charge forward alter the low end theory that has been infiltrated into our subconscious and conscious.Do we finally buy ito the concept that we all can be middle class. And can we finally stop begging for reprirasions.Is a few acres worth our soul. Or the chance to create something new that can forever block us from returning to the state of being of a slave.
But then again in order to create a slave then you have to create them from the floor up. So until
,until the minframe of said slave is change . Please people look up peetey greene, lenny bruce richard pryor pick up art of war and people just read and grow . 1

new year new slangauditorium


Yeah I know , sorry had new things to handle. But check this:

Every word out of the living is like a verse to the continous record that sits on the turntable waiting to played for the masses. How can all relate to a life for which they have never seen but can become the nightmare to one who's vision they never shared.

Check it my presidet is black . So I guess I can't use the white man keeping me down syndrone anymore? Well.......Yes I can . The only things thast has happened is those of the past has left it to the grandchildren to clean up for the hope of a future. Think about it .Every cabinet stole from the soul of those who helped to create the land which we (the stolen) reluctantly had to stand on the sidelines and wait to enjoy. So now that it is our time , like our grandparents and great grandparents, we're resigned to clean up and restore the house that we're left to live after the original inhabitants have wrecked and soiled it. Hmmmm kind of reminds you of the projects on a larger scale.