Saturday, February 12, 2011

aye yo sista

this is an open letter to all those ladies that i watch from afar versus saying what it is i truly felt. Whether it was a lustful thought, A brotherly joyful moment, or if it was observation of the lack of pride you had in yourself courtesy of someone that looks like me and those who program us. I apologize. For hiding and trying to encourage you to make it through another day at that 9 to 5 you despise. I humbly accept the venom that you had on those warm wistful nights you sat on a couch with a book some mango and blood orange sorbet and a book and incense alone without a nimble mind to challenge the frustration you had with the world and engage you in an intense session of sharpen darts of enlighten diatrbibe before a couple of soul quenching verbal and intellectual mind sex.

In other words i'm sorry for relapsing in the willie lynch behavior and becoming less than a man in those moments when you needed that shoulder to that the swing from the huge semi crushing of the vortex of something loss. As that man of mixed ancestry i apologize and promise to do more to stand up.


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