Tuesday, January 3, 2012


To those who read these post.
Please remember that these are my views and not a manifesto on life.
I am a male that has traveled through life meeting very unique individuals who have shown me an eyeopening
perspective on life.
In no way am I a racist.
I grew up in  a very mixed family. However, As a minority male some of my views will be from a black and latino perspective.Does that mean i do not accept others views(No). Does it mean i'm always right(Hell no).
But, it does mean I am human.
So this year we will deal with being better and strive to achieve our dreams and living a better mental and physical life.
This year I will be looking into different business ventures.Some you will applaud ,some you will cringe over. But it is life.
As i venture into my new way of life of living raw .. we will explore together 

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