Friday, March 14, 2008

Shouldn't left you

Its' been a long time ... I know but today i'm going to hit you with a double post.
Today i'm going to talk about a couple of things .
first i've been busy trying to create my new clothing line called fraction (trademarked).
But secondly as I get older I see that the the views of relationships have warped.
Used to be a time were all we wanted is someone we could grow a future with &dream of
happiness.Now, Our people have been warped with these views of settling & someone to quote go hardbody with. But ,Question if they're in jail & not allowed to grow, jhow they run hard with you when you now have to support them.And ladies , why are you now as you get older searching for someonesearching for someone who is the equal to your son or little brother & your excuses are that you're trying to stay young & be happy. Keep yourself healthy & focus on the future & you will stay young you do not need someone who has not been allowed to explored the options of adult life to keep you young . The bible (since you guys like to shield yourself with it ) says when i was a child i spoke as a child now that i'm a man i have put away my toys. what i'm saying is play with your kids . Not try to play around with your kid brothers friends. (that goes for my brothers too) Let these children grow . Be a mentor & guide them not reide them.
And ladies please stop saying there are no good men when you have the ability to destroy the goodness in one. If you have one that is not stereotypical , don't poison him with what ytou've seen . Move forward and grow under a new light. Because someone had to make that no good man into one. Think about it
Next post is for the ladies & parents ( I got you)

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