Friday, March 14, 2008

Rmember When

Remember when all you wanted was the Jordans , a three finger ring & a new goose or starter.
Your parents told you about the cost & back then i ring like that was maybe 200 & the shoes were pricy . So either you worked & saved for them or you got ucky. Remember when jackin for them became popular.Now we got a generation of parents &young men who are training our youths to be the same ones we hated to see when we got fresh to def.I read an article about a mother in Atlanta where a mother ran a ring of burgulars including our sons. What makes this sad is that as section 8 & hud & us working to move to a better part of lives. We bring the same pettiness from the hood with us. That doesn't make you thorough , just means we're giving the others some more entertainment. As i said before we're going to be museum or zoo exhibits real soon. They warned us in the 90's & now we're doing it to ourselves. I pose this question , has intergration excelleratated our destruction. Because now that latinos & blacks are no longer the minorities , we still give into the same genocide they produced on us for years.Also i watched the footage of the black female reporter that was attacked . What pissed me off was the 2 brothers who watched and took footage. When did our women become you tube footage to be lusted & laughed at when they're being attacked by racist. This was a time that in 88 we would have gladly gone to jail. We have more blackmen giving our biggest asset other than themselves to the others. We now have more black women with white men because we finally lost ourselves.I'm only 30 but i feel like a dinosaur. Like Omar going against the stanfield clan.

Guess listening to rap can kill your brain.

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