Friday, October 17, 2008

Star of the story/ my dedication

Love in the city in the fall is a mystical thing. It allow the cool breeze to change anything that was hot and unnutured to come to a slow cool and start to form a solid bridge to the next phase. Reason is because you start to spend more time inside which allows you to get to know that person. It also allows you to reflect on your plan for the next plateau you want to cross and dream in panascopic visions.Life allows us a complicated lesson that we reach for and learn to accept.So as we near things that have been joked about , dreamed I believe there is somone we all need to thank because at one point i'm sure there is someone who pushed you quietly and you never raised a cheer to them. For me they're as follows:

My aunt kim just for guiding me as young guy pass the pitfalls of ghetto life and the harsh realities i never wanted to accept.

My moms Big V just there is so much to thank you for .

My aunt dar For just giving me the hope to laugh when i don't know left from right (breaking your table in spoons i think was rude. i owe you for the drapes)
My aunt Bob just because you showed me how to fight in life.
To all my girl cousins i so thank you for nuturing me and loving me {neta, Kesa, birdie, knute, bria (like a little sister still cook for you)} chantese, lia , toya, talita,erica , dusty
To my aunt Leste thank for the ritual of a good friday night and the warmth of a sunday evening like a stolen book that warms the soul.
To my male cousins Zaire, Al , Milt , Dane , Matt, Stan, Mark , Marques, Ty ty, twinz, jr, bart, frank ,eugene, mike all the of ya'll to many to name mos def cuz snuff ,Oscar, Tree {still see you}
Dujuan, Lil reg{miss ya} Tavares {"wow know u here} La don my cousin Larry Davis finally you can rest...... Ryan i got you

To my other fam Drew {20 years} Justin {thanks for being my sensible voice i know i can be a bastard} El , Angie {thanx sis} ET, Mac, Christyle {still love u} My big brother butch { i need u now} Tauheed ,tt , Larry, Metrius, sin,

my uncles too many to name but.....
Uncle sonny thank you just thank you
uncle dave my marvin gaye (sweet as jay z say)
uncle charles my original crates
uncle bug thanks for being my bubbles that i always wanted save which kept me a hustler
uncle earl thank you for the time
uncle john the morning sounds and smells give me a part of my heart thank you and the city of camden
Uncle Ricky Baby boy the streets you taught knowledge i learn still ya baby boy 1
Uncle skip thanks for that taste of cliff huxtible life and pat metheny
Uncle scott the cool out times
Uncle nate just for being that oldhead near me
Uncle Reg thankx
uncle perk look at ya boy
To those who just were them and shaped me :
Reg, Mr. Key, Pop{someday we got to come together like men} my cousins little sonny & lil tony were u when i needed you last winter (stevie wonder look it up)

To the cities that hold my fam:
Va beach my hideaway
San Diego {home of my birth}
Monroe more than cotton fields and slave water
Maryland period
Germany (anthony my little cousin)

To those i forgot not purposeful know my love for all is true even thoug sometimes it makes me cry for you

Finally to Boston a world that is holding the final puzzle to my secure sound mind and endless autum summers

From Cipha , enjoy your summers , cherish and surround yourself in your falls

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