Saturday, June 28, 2008

allow me to reintroduce my self

First off 1 love to all.
I've received a few responses in regards to my expelling my views.
I've been called a racist enabling the continuance of ignorance from a minority point of view.
Let me clarify my views and position.Number one , i'm not a racist nor am Imy one to encourage one to have a close mind. I'm a 30 year old Dominican & black male who was born on the west coast but primarily raised in Camden NJ & the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I was fortunate to have been born in the late 70's & raised during the Reagan & first Bush era. That area afforded me & my peers to view Heaven & Hell, we saw the extravagance of everyone earning decent incomes through affirmative action, crack ,the loss of after school programs, the destruction of family values. With that we also were allowed to grow up with different ethnicities.So with that being said , I will never have hatred for another race due just to color.
But due to being raised in the best of the best of both worlds.I lived in the suburbs in Va, the subterranian conditions in New Jersey, I've witnessed family as well as friends pass way before they were able to grow into men. Therefore, by me being one of the few who made it we (those who succeded) are now semi lossed without a blueprint to guide us to be able to navigate life as a grown man. This includes relationships, love, abandonment by fathers & older male peers, employment , fatherhood, everything that we need to be productive people. Also being a spokesman for the streets, for those who have not had a chance to elevate pass the stagnated life they were handed. With that being said , I encourage all to continue give advise , express your views,but understand this was started as something to be a sounding board for those who are you businessmen & women. A chance to discuss ways to come up. So please respect that I can try to write from a caucasian view, but i'm truly what I am big v & Kim Thomas prodigal son.
Please express your views & if they're good I invite you to post a tag here.


Shan aka Cipha aka Da Gooch

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Whatcha' up to??? Hope everything is going well - U haven't written on your blog lately!!

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