Wednesday, February 11, 2009

new year new slangauditorium


Yeah I know , sorry had new things to handle. But check this:

Every word out of the living is like a verse to the continous record that sits on the turntable waiting to played for the masses. How can all relate to a life for which they have never seen but can become the nightmare to one who's vision they never shared.

Check it my presidet is black . So I guess I can't use the white man keeping me down syndrone anymore? Well.......Yes I can . The only things thast has happened is those of the past has left it to the grandchildren to clean up for the hope of a future. Think about it .Every cabinet stole from the soul of those who helped to create the land which we (the stolen) reluctantly had to stand on the sidelines and wait to enjoy. So now that it is our time , like our grandparents and great grandparents, we're resigned to clean up and restore the house that we're left to live after the original inhabitants have wrecked and soiled it. Hmmmm kind of reminds you of the projects on a larger scale.

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