Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Project Windows

I got a question:

Now that those youth looking out of the project windows have a beacon that can allow them to actually believe the dream that was diminished in their fathers and older brothers eye.What do we ,the blacks, latinos, asians, go from here? We no longer have the opportunity to use the excuse about the system. To me this is a battle cry and the flag to go and challenge the system and the status quo.I feel that at this point since we now have the newly appointed disenfranchised have to be shown the way to what we the working class, middle class, working poor have known for years............The power has never been equally shared. So now where do we go? Do we charge forward alter the low end theory that has been infiltrated into our subconscious and conscious.Do we finally buy ito the concept that we all can be middle class. And can we finally stop begging for reprirasions.Is a few acres worth our soul. Or the chance to create something new that can forever block us from returning to the state of being of a slave.
But then again in order to create a slave then you have to create them from the floor up. So until
,until the minframe of said slave is change . Please people look up peetey greene, lenny bruce richard pryor pick up art of war and people just read and grow . 1

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