Thursday, July 23, 2009

Goodmorning America

Woow.Life can move at a pace that we always expect to keep up with us.
Sometimes we ,no all the time we hope that it slows down for us to keep at our desired speed.
But reality, no can keep up with at 230 rpm. This has been a year that i wish i could erase.
But if i do then i lose those who have reached onto a phase that we all want to dodge.
We have all lost people that we wished lived for eons. Those who everytime someone mentions
them, we hope that they pick up a phone or walk around a corner. It causes a bittersweet existence in our hearts when we hear their name or a recording of their voice or just a memory.
But do we cease to exist to them .Or do they continue on in another form to guide, comfort or your conscience.Do they come back as someone new in your life that feels so familiar to you.
Or are they just gone.......How about those relationships you never wanted to end???? Do they come back.


Fade to Black


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