Saturday, October 24, 2009

the go

what good my peoples.

Anyway had to pause and handle a few stiuations. but back to my thoughts. you know you're life and mind can be just like the city of wind tough but have a tender core. the co can either slap you to wake up or make you pause and think how you wish you could freeze this momentum to push you into the spotlight. What i'm saying is america stays on the world stage and after everyone having a tear in their eye. It went straight back to divide and conquer. We've had an upswing in violence and chaos. But why? If we sat through 8yrs. of bush which is the sequel to reganomics.You smiled through a president bleeding your savings dry to benefit his already wealthy friends and cohorts. You lapped up every beaurotic piece of venom he spewed and allowed to take your seeds for mass destruction in the most blatant show of a voluntary draft i have ever seen or read about in recent history. Sadly i do not see the spirit of abbie hoffman reincarnated. Were are the Bobby Seale's, H.Rap Brown's, Huey Newton's. Hell were are the weathermen. Thisi something that generation would have sinked their teeth into. I see an extention of what Nixon started and now for the first time in history on a public stage , what has been done for years is now being done again. A minority having to clean up after others. Now to his credit he is a credit to whites and blacks . One race can not claim the president all for self due to the fact he is biracial. So why the continuous attacks. Bush toyed with america with his childhood friend for the benefit of his puppet master the vice president. It's going on a decade and we still have not found wmd or the supposed mastermind of the whole devised plan. Now we have homegrown terroism sprouting. But this has been here for years. African american and latino kids have suffered terrorism for decades and still do. You just have put the idea into suburban youth to do this towards the establishment and all surrounding . america please wake up. Do not put your full trust in your elected officials. Get involved.
Watch your own

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