Wednesday, October 7, 2009


have you ever had a time in your life where you just stop mid stride or stroke or conversation or anything and thought what am i doing all this for. I don't mean one of those brief moments i mean a long hard pause. Like you're sitting in the office and think why am i here. or been making love fucking whatever you want to call and look down at the person and realized i don't even like this person anymore or never have(depending on who the person is) . Or paid a bill but seen someone shopping and thought why do i need this utility. Or my favorite broke your neck for someone and remembered how they treated you in the past and said are you serious. Then you had a s.f.w moment. This is a moment where you have uttered some profound words. So Fucking What. This is when you said to hell with this look at all i've through. or fuck it it was free.
My friend welcome to the rat race of adult life . The part of you that still wants to be a 20 yr old so has the authority in you to choose your destiny. to guide your hand. The part that wants to kick the boss in the balls and tell him what is really going on. Or the part that wants to scream at your ex about what you have felt since they did whatever to stop the hapiness you had with them so fo today go ahead yell it . turn on your favorite song from your teens and say SO FUCKING WHAT

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