Saturday, July 3, 2010

tunnel vision

Funny been gone for a while , But it feels like when a boxer laces back up his gloves or Griffey swings his bat.It's automatic.Anyway I have alot on my mind. Lately it seems that the world has been crumbling around us.People everyday say this is the end ......Are you sure ? You say this every 6 years. Yes for those of the faint of heart and those who turn off their t.v as soon as the news comes on let e bring you up to speed..........Life has been happening.These catastrophies have happened for centuries and until we as people acknowledge we're killing our world and us at the same time, like a dvd or cd on repeat it will happen again in a different town different names and someone will uploaded to the net.Funny, Hollweird was making movies about this life in the 80's and 90's with the truman show pi and many more. So ha it become that we as the creators now follow what we create?For all those who forget that humanity has a blam for what conflicts you and continues to only to lives and submerge oneself into the pain, Ask yourself , When did you become a one dimensional cartoon rendering. We have to adjust ourselves and continue to move towards vanquishing these generational class and society ills.Or else cartoon will become reality.

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