Monday, May 9, 2011

black is the force

okay check this out , why is that as our days move on why is that when a minority achieves or excels past his counterpart is he question downgraded and assimilated? Our president put in his time at Harvard (ironically with his friend and co- founder of  the source with dave mays and schecter) James Benard who have both went on to propel us as the young generation is he interrogated  by those he is to protect and guide ...Where was al this outrage for both bushes  quayle idiotic run and alot of  these so called elected officials who parents bought them their sheepskins.Some who have went on to destroy the very fabric of society. We're grown people we do not need to see pictures or proof . You wouldn't ask that from your past presidents .Also if you died in gruesome way would you want your family privacy to be trmapled like that. Don't respect the hypocracy of the villian remember that there are people who did not aks to be thrusted into this life.

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