Monday, May 9, 2011

molasses slow

So life is moving a slow almost to mellow pace actually it moves in night life blur. See now the nightlife is where i'm back to . ?Kind of like a ethinic version of those dudes on entourage. But every tuesday friday saturday as me and my new nocturnal family guzzle our libations i always say this life foreva but really how long can you live this life. Man is an ever evolving animal that likes to change but for me music is always a consistent. So by the beat I move and live.My body feels 24 my heart 18 my life lifetimes ahead of what's going on. Damn I know i'm supposed to be ahead of this but i'm here finally trying to move past why i'm here and using it to my advantage. So.......Boston.. Until I make it to NY or beyond you will see my steady march towards what can only be described as a Roy ayers nocturnal anthem...Stepping into tomorrow Both Feet on the ground.

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