Sunday, April 27, 2008

caught sleeping

okay okay okay
i got caught out there. i know i haven't been purging my thoughts . so here goes . first let me say i've been working on my new coture line, which should be ready by august for a street launch. second i'm looking for some other opportunities to attach myself to. in other words "cipha" elevating.but i want to talk about getting old and still being able to enjoy the music you grew up on. Lately i've been listening to alot of easy listening , but on thursday i decided to pull out my redman collection. As i was bobbing my head to every track from whut??? thee album. I realized this shit was grown man music being made by teen agers .But for some reason i felt self conscious. Here i was a 30 year old blasting his musicthat even some of the verses i had to rethink. now i'm saying i stopped playing it or turned it down or put on some will downing ( i did later that evening) but it was at that point i realized that everyone 30 & over grew up with a different set of values when it comes to our music . we feel we should let it go like that friend that just doesn't grow up but that's just it we shouldn't have to be ashamed of it because this is us . no we may not feel like we need the same volumes. but we should never forget we were a part of building the foundation of this building

thanks cube , jay, keith , red , meth scar, twist snoop & all the other 30 & over rappers thats still putting it down in a grown way.

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