Sunday, April 27, 2008

1990 cipha jumps on the scene

damn how is it that i awake with my wrist felling like they twisted in a vise grip. see i was born with the holy intellect to move the crowd way past the typical snails pace. fuck dashes my complex lines run cross country marathons. i'm a triathalon so 80's i still say word as bond.
born out west strictly raised in the east i'm a be an mc till my soul has ceased. lord please grab the rest and remind they to used to test the capasities of a battle or cipha , for me thats why my rhymes are a little high caliber. i act out for justice now i understand why i got the same blood as larry davis . from the garden state which makes me like bishop with 2 toes on the ledge. please god forgive damn thinking of a verse is truly demented i guess it's just a testament that takes out the best of men.

sorry a little rusty
just felt it yo let's talk for a minute . remember when tuesday meant something.
or the month of the man (meth & red i know you remember that) any way i want to say to all of us who have made it to 30 i.e made it through high back in the wild 80's and early 90's when it really was serious, from living in your moms basement to college to living on your own ( if you still at moms something wrong with you ). be proud blast de la's buddy or i left my wallet in . or egine egine number 9 or some opp. damn like nike just do it.

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slsmithsr said...

Hey Rhyme...check this out.
Made by a close friend. Pass it on.