Saturday, May 17, 2008



My People , My People ,.......MY PEOPLE

Man , Van Damn . Days like this always make me think that we'll never go forward .

Check it, between the prson I truly love , my Family & my dreams it seems like nothing wants to drop into place. But that's my issues . Acouple of weeks ago , I was standing around with some
cats that have taken some roads i've taken & some that traveled further down it than i did.
But i was pointing out to them that we're about to have a resurrgence of the golden era of nightmares soon Yeah, i'm talking about from 1986 to 1994. If you're as old as me you remember. Teens running wild with guns , people scred to come out of there house, uber crooked police, misery, destruction, dispair. Let me explain....Reganomics ushered in recession , a reduction in funds for programs ,less interaction with the working class. We were even in bed with Iran, Niccarauga, & a few other shady compadres. The direct results were high unemployment, extreme disharmony between the have's & the have nots. And for some mysterious reasons, a easily acessible form of drugs came on the scene. C.R.A.C.K....
Yeah if you were a teen , in JR. high, or even Elementary, you remeber the season of the living Baseheads.The more jobs ,opportunity left no hope for many (including a lot of my family) to join the legions of baseheads who shwed no shame in robbing family , killing , selling soul and body of theirselves & in some cases their extended family.t crossed all color lines. Well i bring it up because gas is at an all time high, unemployment is on the rise, income are not going up with the rising cost. And no one truly no one knows where to turn. Yeah you say church and god, but most need actual physical assistance and have no theorectical belief. Anyway where are we going . No, I don't feel like these are the last dys , yet...... They're coming. So the question is what until then.
Do we fix it this time instead of stumbling like we did those 8 years?

Damn .......US

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