Saturday, May 17, 2008

it was all a dream

I'm going to talk about a difficultfor blacks & hispanics that only comes up in whispers.
Incest & rape is something your grandma or other family members discuss only when they're forced to . You know , like why you're cousin looks nothing like anyone else in the family, or what aunt so & so has real wild ways. Or how come my daddy can't come around ( or male or female cousin, unckle , aunt ,family friend) It's something that tears the family apart and everyone blames someone. It's always someone you can't beleive did it & nfortunately in our culture , we fail to get the help that mentally we need . We always hear from the older side of our family to let it be and let god fix it. But what bout all the pain that needs to come out.So then that pain would be left for whomeveryou choose to share your life with.Honestly ,anybody who feels like they have to attacka child in their family is sick. You're a lower than the average rapist.Why touch someone who has your ancestry running through , your eyes , your swagger, everything. No excuse. Now lets talk about rape. While i don't condone prostitution, this is someone who is willing to indulge in your sexual appetitie to an extent. With that being said ,why do you have to take something from someone that is so precious and can not be given back.
It's not like beating someone down. Wounds can heal. But do you know how long self -esteem ,pride & trust takes to be rebuilt. You deserve to die.

Now for the victim.
You are not at fault.
But if you continue to hold on to the pain and rejection, you will continue to be a victim.
Be that last man standing , get the help needed and let somene who truly loves you elevate youo back and beyond where you are. But most important , do you and take you back.
Always remember, somewhere there is someone who loves you and will unconditionally give their all to protect and love you from inside and out.

8Th & Line Camden to Diego back to Va.

Cipha Loves you

To those in mylife , when i was smaller i couldn't protect none.
But i promise i will protect all that i can.




Anonymous said...

Truer words were never more spoken. But ya know - it happens to us white folks too - and whites also don't speak of it! WE also have cousins who don't look like anyone else in the family! We also have sicko family members ...
who need help or need to be locked up.

Remember - if I cut U - your blood is red the same as mine, and it looks no different.

The difference between my skin and yours is pigment - you got more I got less!!

I'm not trying to start no shit - just stating a fact.

But in order to mend the world we all have to remember we are PEOPLE first, with the same feelings, emotions, problems, economics etc, no matter what our pigment might be, our country, politics or religion.

Peace & Love

Musicmeiho said...

Being as you are moderating your comments = I will tell you who I AM:

I am not trying to start any shit on your blog - but racism has to be cut off at the knees wherever it is seen!!!

And obviously - I viewed your very personal blog as racist !!!

This shit happens everywhere sad to say .... and I'm sorry you think it only happens to Blacks & Hispanics .... NOT so my young friend .... I'm a 60 year old white women - and I have a niece who is now 40 - and she was raped twice by 2 different men her mother dated. The first time she was 6 .... AND NO ONE TALKS about it. Nor did anything about it ....

So I hear big time what you are saying .... it hit my heart ....

I would appreciate if you didn't display this - but if you do - that's fine - I'm only speaking the truth ..... It happens everywhere to everyone!

Peace & Love