Thursday, September 10, 2009

n w o

woke in the morning and thought about the term hustler. Can anyone be a hustler , no but there are so many levels. There is your everyday local block hustler. Whether pitchin the rock, playing chess in the park, selling bootlegs, boosting whatever.... This type of shark preys on others to give to many in many ways like a distorted robin hood. There's gold diggers, yes they're parias but thay have to go through a regimine like an actor or actress to get what they want or need to get what they got. Then there's the buddy hustler. This is te one who affiliates with others who have the knowledge to earn and strive off someone else's work. Not to important they maybe weed carriers , the messenger cat or chick, the yes man or woman. Then the gorilla hustler. This is the one who awaits you to do all the work then just straight take it from you.

The reason i bring this up is because as Jay-z and those who are like him carry on to push the hip hop culture and community into the mainstream world of the private sector and also the government world in some instances, we should appreciated for the courses and roads we have previously traveled to bring more who look and act like us into a world that in many instances would not acept. But instead are disrespected and in some cases neglected.It is always go to pay homage and remember that without those who sacrificed family relationships, friendsdhips, health and many other variotudes, you would not have the opportuniy to display your ignorance to what it means to be a man or woman. Stand with a pride that must be instilled due to what some had to do so you could be shown that you can excel at all your hearts desire. No justice is still not hear and you are now getting a chance to notice that racism is still alive. Put down your ideology of coonery as a norm. And ebonics as a second language. Please look and notice that the multitude of ignorancy that other cultures past on to you has now been regurgitated to them in the form of the lalst 2 to 3 generation picking up only on the coonery and self hate that willie lynch has injected into you ... the creators of Please ayou go forth into this new year of accademics, learn with a fevor that you would for every new trend that comes out. Please do follow trends that emasculate or devalue you as an individual. Bring pride to whatever place you come from, crown heights, nice town , ice town , zone 4 , compton, nickerson downs, opa locka, huntersville, roxbury, franklin field, lil bricks,jc, where ever the fuck you from. STand tall and learn. This is coming from one who is old enough to be your big brother and in some cases your dad, and in others your peer or lil bro.

So from babe bro sempre and keep moving on that quest for knowledge

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