Sunday, September 6, 2009

pressure sensitive

So i'm watching the news yesterday and i'm watching a story on how much of an uproar of some of the ways that the president is trying to do to put things on the right track. I've seen all these people complaining and one dynamic is always the same, They're white. It's always the same speech government is trying to take away my freedoms, government is overstepping their boundaries. Funny for the last 3 presidencies we had incompetent leaders who lead us into wars, debt and almost another depression. Under the last ones watch the government allowed banks to fail, fraud and all other out in the open corruption. Let's look at some of these points. They don't want the governent interferring in health insurance. Funny that what medicaid is . Is it that they like paying high medical premiums, not being able to be seen. How about if they lose their jobs they have to pay out of pocket. Or how about the fact that there is an incredible shrinking middle class who are now having to search for ways to keep their fsamilies healthy.
For the past 8 months i've watched people who were used to depositing there paycheck turn to robbing the same instituions they once called their own. So what we're now seeing is the true feelings of those who have said for years they're not racist show their true emotions. So called liberals and others who at one point was rallying for the issues of the poor are now saying lines such as what right do they have. hmm maybe if you were on government support or struggling to live your attitude would change. now how about the issue of the president speaking to the youth of america. Their parents are outrage. GTFOH , that's a joke right. Your last president was siting in a class reading at the time of 9/11 and did not move. When Katrina happened , he flew over the N.O and praised the director of fema. This is what we just left .....Are you guys serious. You go 2 steps forward and your mouths shove us 15 steps back. Civil rights are still being fought for everyday and our president being thwarted at every turn by his own people is proof. Now we even have a reverend praying for his downfall. Where were you doing Reganomic, How about Bush's points of light. I didn't see anyone praying then. Alot of this sounds like complaints about nothing to do with the policies, but race, class, and other things that they swear have long been worked out. If this man farts wrong you have people who would complain. I don't agree on all his views but, try and attack him and you have a whole army to contend with.

Stop whining and have a brew with the prez. and work it out.
And most of the complaints are in the New England, Midwest farmland areas.

So for you guys , this Michelob for you

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