Sunday, September 6, 2009

wind parade


So as we sit an brace for the crisp wind to blow, i've been thinking about some things.
Have you notice a summer in the city people decide to be less human and destroy other living beings just to take the whole winter and blame it on the summer heat. So let's take a moment to reflectg. So you're telling me that as a sane rational person,you wait until the mercury rises to an unbearable level to express the feelings and emotions that you could have express at anytime in a fit of rage only to stand in a court room later and cry. Please i have 2 thoughts on this. 1 , okay in some cases mitigating circustances could have instigated the conflict (i.e alcohol , dugs, violence done towards you, infidelity) but even those i have some restrictions more later. 2. pride and ignorance. let's delve into both of those. Pride (also ego mixed) can send people into a condition i call a nigga moment ( nigga is all races feel free to understand this) where a person who under normal conditions would have walked away. But in a nigga moment all it takes is the wrong mixture, maybe a female amping up a guy, maybe other males or female saying my favorite line "if that was me". Or it could be a lifetime of humiliation or continuous conflicts with the other party or parties (gangs, bullying family members, cops (also a gang). Now the ignorance factor . Maybe someone has been ill equipped at home. With an ever increasing populastion of children raising children and parents thereselves reverting back to being immature, we have alot of children who are in society who do not understand how to conduct themselves in public. Whether it be assaulting another individual, lose morals ( having sex with anyone who's available, drinking) going into interviews looking like they're going out to hang.
Whatever the issue they're left defenseless to handle a world who is judging them 24/7 instead of guiding them.
We hope every year that we take a stand and get back to the old ways. Well, what's wrong with today.

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